Parking Lot Security-OP

Jacksonville, FL 32073

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Position Description

Position Descripion:

The Parking Lot Security position involves operating a golf cart to assist customers in transportation to and from the building. They help create a safe environment for the customers by monitoring all parking areas and notifying the security department of any issues.


* Must be able to start vehicles with a jump box
* Moderate physical effort (standing, walking, lifting 20lbs+, bending, sitting)
* Must be able to help large vehicles with proper parking
* Must have good attitude & customer service skills
* Must be able to work in all weather conditions
* Must have 20/20 vision or corrected vision
* Must be able to fill out minor paperwork
* Must be reliable

Pay: $13.39/HR

Operations are 7 days a week. Monday-Thursday 0930-0430 and Friday opening at 0930 with a 24-hour operating schedule until 0430 Monday morning. Current work shifts are 9.5 and 12 hours in length. Available shifts are 8-11 hours in length and will be further discussed upon interview

Benefits: Cafeteria plan benefits after 6 months (health, dental, life, vision, AFLAC). 401K after one year.
bestbet is a drug free work place.